Last February, Fondation PSA launched a call for projects dedicated to associations carrying mobility projects to promote social and / or professional inclusion. Due to the Covid-19 health crisis which hit us, the call for projects was canceled in order to allow the immediate reallocation of funds to emergency aid with a donation to the alliance "All United Against Coronavirus "from the Fondation de France, the AP-HP and the Pasteur Institut;

However, in this difficult period of social crisis, the Board of Directors of Fondation PSA wished to preserve a specific budget to support the best projects submitted by the social garages and thus preserve the mobility of the most vulnerable people.

We are happy to announce the 9 winners:

  • AIS 35
  • Association Passerelle
  • Carbur'Pera
  • Essonne Mobilités
  • Garages Solidaires du Grand Sud
  • La Roue de Secours
  • Passerelles-Insertion
  • Secours-Auto 63
  • Valence Services
The winning Social Garages
The winning Social Garages
Map of the 2020 winning social garages
Map of the 2020 winning social garages