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Intellectual property

You are hereby notified that much of the content published on this Site is:

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Personal data protection

You may use the site without divulging your identity or your personal data.

The PSA Foundation is required to collect certain items of personal data to respond to enquiries and/or to examine grant applications submitted through the online call for projects procedure.

In accordance with article 27 of the French Data Protection Act (Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978), all information that PSA Foundation is required to collect is marked with an asterisk on the pages of the Site. Other requested information is optional and collected solely for the purpose of learning more about users and improving the services on offer.

As part of its activity, PSA Foundation may be required to transfer collected data to other countries, for one of the purposes for which the data was originally collected, or for a purpose to which users have subsequently given consent. Where such data are transferred to a third country, the PSA Foundation will take all measures necessary to avoid harm. Data may be transferred to a country outside the European Union, but only to countries that offer adequate data protection guarantees.

Collected data are processed electronically. You have the right to access, modify, correct and delete your personal data (art. 34 of the French Data Protection Act).
To exercise this right, write to PSA Foundation, 7 Rue Henri Sainte-Claire Déville, 92500, Rueil-Malmaison, France, or to
You may also instruct the PSA Foundation what to do with your data following your death.

The PSA Foundation retains data for 10 years from the point of collection.

The website has been registered with the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) for personal data processing purposes, under declaration no. 1674060, submitted on 30 May 2013.


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When using the Site, or any server or service accessible via the Site, you must:

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In particular, you hold the PSA Foundation harmless against third-party proceedings relating to information that you upload to the Site, including proceedings relating to personal rights, intellectual property rights, public order, public morality, privacy (image rights, etc.) or the provisions of applicable domestic and/or international criminal law. As such, you agree to compensate the PSA Foundation for all costs, fees and expenses incurred from such proceedings, including reasonable legal fees.

Limitation of liability

You are exclusively liable for the manner in which you use the website. Under no circumstances can the PSA Foundation we held liable for any direct or indirect harm, including material harm, loss of data or programs, or financial loss resulting from your use of the Site and associated websites.

You are hereby notified that some of the products or services appearing on the website may be covered by specific restrictions and/or prohibitions under the laws of certain countries.

You may use the website to send personal messages to your contacts, informing them about articles or other documents on the Site that may be of interest to them. Such messages pass through servers managed under the PSA Foundation’s responsibility. The PSA Foundation cannot be held liable for the consequences of any message that you send to a contact via the website. Furthermore, the PSA Foundation cannot be held liable for any messages not written by the company and over which it has no control.

The Site is accessible via the internet.
You are hereby reminded that the internet is an open, informal web of interconnected computer networks around the world. The internet has no central managing entity and each portion of the network belongs to an independent public or private body. It therefore relies on cooperation between network operators, with no binding supply or quality obligations between operators. Furthermore, these networks may have different transmission capacities and their own usage policies. No single operator can guarantee proper functioning of the internet as a whole. As such, the PSA Foundation declines all liability for and gives no warranty against internet access problems (delays in data transmission or any other problem).

Hypertext links

You must seek the PSA Foundation’s prior written consent before publishing a hypertext link to the website.

In any event, the PSA Foundation cannot be held liable, under any circumstances, for the content of websites containing hypertext links or other links to the website, or for the products or services proposed on such websites.

Suspension or interruption of Site access

The PSA Foundation may suspend your access to the Site at any time, temporarily or otherwise:

  • if you violate the terms of the legal notice, without prejudice to the PSA Foundation’s right to enforce its other rights and pursue other remedies;
  • if there are problems with the infrastructure necessary to keep the Site online and running;
  • during periods of Site maintenance.



The French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) defines cookies as follows:
“A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded to your machine from the server that hosts the site you are visiting. The cookie contains several pieces of information:

  • the name of the server that downloaded it;
  • a unique, numeric identifier;
  • in some cases, an expiry date.

This information is sometimes stored on your computer in the form of a simple text file that a server can access to read and update information. All cookies are linked to a unique domain name (the server that downloaded it), meaning only that server is able to read the cookie.”

The website uses cookies.

This means that when you visit the Site, cookies may be installed automatically on your browser. These cookies are stored on your computer to improve your browsing experience, to record visitor statistics, or to show you targeted adverts based on your browsing habits.

These cookies never contain personally identifiable information.

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The PSA Foundation website uses different types of cookie:

1.    Anonymous analytics cookies
Analytics cookies are used to calculate visitor statistics and measure website audience figures (number of visits, average time spent on the Site, pages and content viewed, etc.). These cookies are intended to improve Site quality and ensure it meets users’ needs.
Analytics cookies are strictly anonymous. They cannot be used to identify you or collect personal data such as your name or IP address.
2.    Identification cookies
Identification cookies are used to gather and store information you enter on the Site when submitting a grant application, so you do not have to enter the same information again on subsequent visits.
3.    Third-party (advertising) cookies
Most PSA Foundation online advertising appears on third-party websites and is managed by third parties (e.g. an advertising network). These third parties use their own cookies to measure banner clicks and/or views. These third-party cookies are governed by the relevant company’s cookie policies and the PSA Foundation cannot access or create cookies of this type.
4.    Other third-party cookies
Groupe PSA uses other cookies to measure visitor activity on its websites. These cookies are issued by service providers for the purpose of measuring content and section audience figures for assessment and organisation purposes. In some cases, these cookies are used to detect browsing issues and improve the user experience. The statistics and audience figures produced using these cookies are strictly anonymous, and no personally identifiable information is collected. These cookies are also used to customise websites based on anonymous statistics gathered from the various Groupe PSA sites. These audience measurement cookies expire after a maximum of 90 days.