In view of the Covid-19 health crisis that is hitting us all, the appraisal of projects submitted in the February 2020 call for projects is suspended to allow for the immediate reallocation of funds for emergency aid.

Faced with this unforeseeable event, which requires us to react quickly, we thank for their understanding all the participating associations as well as the sponsors who accompanied them.

The processing of projects submitted by associations during the Mobility & Integration call for projects in February 2020 is organised as follows:

  • Associations with social integration projects have been invited to apply directly to the dedicated fund "All United Against Coronavirus" to request the necessary emergency funding.
  • The solidarity garages that had applied will have their projects studied, in September 2020, by the Foundation's team, which will allocate a budget to respond as best as possible to the requests expressed.

We can count on your understanding for this change in operating mode, which we wanted to be as responsive as possible in this context.