PSA Foundation, concerned by the accessibility and readability its website provides, has decided to bring it up-to-date.

Its main goal: facilitate, via an intuitive and clean access to visitors, the browsing of all internet users within the website, and simplify the process of projects submissions.

Our will: to accompany you, in total transparency.  Newly added to this website, the “Your project” tab is giving you access to information concerning the steps you will have to go through in order to submit a project, while clarifying the selection criteria applied by PSA Foundation.

The submission form has also been changed for convenience and efficiency reasons, for the wellbeing of our teams as well as for making the filing processes easier to project leaders.

Innovative, this website introduces in an intuitive way the three themes that matters to PSA Foundation, which we invite you to rediscover. Thereby, through “Our actions” tab, you can find the projects that we already supported, and in the “Prix de la Fondation” tab you will find information concerning the projects sponsored by the Group’s employees.

Wishing you a good visit, we hope to see you soon to discover in our website the results of our last call for projects dedicated to handicap!