Grand Prix Mobilité & Insertion

Mobility: next step to career choices

Arca de Noe, a Franco-Brazilian NGO, works at the heart of the Favela de Vila Prudente, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, through 2 associations:

  • Arca do Saber, a welcome and activity center dedicated to school children aged from 6 to 14, aims at protecting them from the dangers of the street, when they are not at school;
  • Arca do Crescer, a professional training center (in the bakery, hotel and sales sectors) for young people aged over 15 enables them to enter the job market more quickly.

The project will allow young Brazilian people aged over 15 looking for a career choice, to take part in business trips and meetings with professionals. Using a rented bus, the association will drive these young people from the favela to partner institutions (such as hotels, bakeries, plants, warehouses, stores). By introducing them to a professional environment, the association hopes to maximize their chances of integrating into and finding success in the working world.

The financial support of the foundation will allow the association to rent a bus for the 80 students, for the many visits organized throughout the year (public transportation being very expensive in Sao Paulo).

Arca de Noe