Grand Prix International

To go out, like everyone

The Kodomo-no-Sono association is dedicated to the care and support of people with specific needs (mental and physical disabilities). Since 1958, the structure acts for the intellectual and psychosocial development of non-autonomous persons to lead them towards a social integration. Beneficiaries receive medical care, access to hygiene products and food.

The association first wants to arrange its vehicle to allow its residents (people with reduced mobility) to access outdoor recreation. It also plans to rent an adapted bus for outings where more people participate. Access to public spaces like any citizen is already a form of social reintegration that contributes to the balance of people with disabilities.
The PSA Foundation grant will allow the installation of a hydraulic lifting ramp and wheelchair-accessible belts in the vehicle, as well as the rental of a bus for outings.le véhicule d’une rampe hydraulique de levage et de ceintures adaptées aux fauteuils roulants, ainsi que la location d’un bus pour des sorties.

Associação Pró-Excepcionais Kodomo-No-Sono