Grand Prix du Public

The blind and their funny machines

The association enables blind and visually impaired people to carry out experiments related to motorized mechanics, promotes mutual assistance and the exchange of advice relating to the management of various constraints related to disability and contributes to the moral support of the members of the association.

It thus organizes adapted car races to give visually impaired people the opportunity to discover or rediscover the sensations of driving a car (on a closed circuit, safely). Thanks to a newfound confidence, the blind become their own pilot for a day. The benefits are numerous: better socialization (the visually impaired often live a reclusive life, and overexposure to the cities noises does not favor the moves of these people), restored confidence in the world of "valid people", and restored self esteem.

The grant from PSA Foundation contributes to the organization costs of the events (10 per year): circuit rental, travel, participation in school vehicle costs (monitor, car rental), etc.

Les non-voyants et leurs drôles de machines