Emmaus France: a programme to tackle precariousness linked to mobility in rural and peri-urban areas

The Emmaus movement, through its various activities to tackle precariousness and the different groups it supports, is an active witness to the rise in precariousness linked to mobility.

In recent years, Emmaus structures have regularly warned about the rise of this problem, which is marked in particular by an increasing number of employees on integration who cannot accept job offers for a mobility-related reason, and by an increase in the number of families requesting a financial advance to pay for a mobility-related expense.

This is the reason why the PSA Foundation has chosen to support a social innovation programme run by Emmaus France, as part of a programme that would make it possible to:

  • Lift the bottlenecks to the integration of people in precarious situations through mobility in rural and peri-urban areas, with little or no access to public transport
  • Imagine innovative solutions to this problem, including stakeholders in the territories
288 Emmaus structures in 85 departments
288 Emmaus structures in 85 departments

For the PSA Foundation, in line with the Emmaus philosophy, it is a question of developing solutions that must be able to be sustained over time and find their economic balance following the initial support of the PSA Foundation.

Emmaus France will be able, once the solutions have been implemented in the first experimental territory chosen, to adapt or duplicate the chosen solution(s) in order to expand on French territory.

Site Internet: : http://emmaus-france.org/ameliorer-la-mobilite-pour-tous-le-projet-des-ateliers-du-bocage/