Are you a non-profit organisation or NGO? Do you have a mobility project in one of the Foundation’s three themes and support from a Groupe PSA employee? If so, you can enter Les Prix de la Fondation. Speak to your Groupe PSAemployee and ask them to sponsor your project!

Are you a PSA Group employee? Do you volunteer for a non-profit organisation in your free time? Would you like to obtain financial support from the PSA Foundation for the organisation’s work? Then sponsor the project and submit an entry for Les Prix de la Fondation.


The procedure is the same as for PSA Foundation calls for projects: all submissions must be made using the online form on this website, within the dates indicated in the timetable below.

The form cannot be accessed outside these dates. However, you can see a sample form here to get an idea of the questions you’ll be asked and the evidence you need to provide. This should help you prepare your application in advance, saving you precious time when filling out the form.

File project can be submitted by the charity itself or by its sponsor.


September 5th - October 13th 2017: deposits are open on the Foundation website.
Mid-October - mid-November 2017: projects are examined by the Foundation staff and local delegates.
November 14th 2017: the selection board meets and the list of finalists is selected.
November 20th - December 1rst 2017: online voting is open.
December 5th 2017: the three winners are announced.


Please find here the Rules for the 2017 edition of Les Prix de la Fondation.