3rd national day of social garages

Fondation PSA and avise invite you to take part in an event on Monday, October 5 dedicated to the levers of support for the creation and development of social garages.

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Since 2011, Fondation PSA has supported social garages following a program that has grown over time.

Support program for social garages
Support program for social garages

1- Financial support for social garages

Social garages support people in social, professional and / or financial difficulty by allowing them to maintain, repair, rent or buy their vehicle at a solidarity rate. As integration workplaces, located in rural and sensitive areas, they also train people in insertion to automotive mechanics. Social garages have to deal with very important social needs with limited human and logistical capacity.

Since 2011, Fondation PSA has supported, through its calls for projects, Mobility & Inclusion, 87 social garages projects.

2- An annual accompaniement program  for the professionalization of social garages in partnership with Avise

Since 2017, Fondation PSA has been offered social garages previously supported an accompanying program, in partnership with Avise (Agency of engineering for Social and Solidarity Economy development).

This annual support program includes:

  • practical tools built in sessions, between solidarity garages, with the support of experts, then published for the benefit of all on Fondation PSA and Avise websites
  • collective support seminars on themes chosen by the social garages themselves.

Tools, methods and good practices built together with social garages:

  • a methodological guide which identifies the different steps to follow in order to create a social garage and offers practical sheets (material conditions to launch the project, conditions of safety and cleanliness of the workshop, tools ...);
  • an interactive map which allows to localize easily the social garages in France (Say-Yess website).
Practical tools
Practical tools

3- An incubator of social garages

In 2020, Fondation PSA in partnership with Avise wished to provide additional assistance to social garages. It is a question of intervening, upstream of the creation of a social garage, by federating the local actors, to meet the mobility needs of the territories.

This project entitled "Emergence of social garages" was built with 5 "fabriques à initiatives" (device of territorial animation and modeling of activity of social value).

Following a call for expressions of interest, five" fabriques à initiatives" were selected to launch the process in parallel: ATIS in Perigord Vert, ADRESS in Argentanais, Centsept with the town of Decines, TAg 29 in Pays de Brest -Carhaix and Courant Fort in North Drôme-Ardèche.

In these five territories, the program will allow the initiative factories to carry out an analysis of mobility needs, to bring together a project group to work on the study and modeling of a solidarity garage, before identifying and supporting a promising structure towards the effective launch of the activity.

This work will identify good practices, the conditions for success to give birth to a sustainable solidarity garage.

"Fabriques à initiatives" map
"Fabriques à initiatives" map


The 2019 Edition of Methodological Guide for Social Garages Edition 2019
Fondation PSA and the Engineering Agency to develop the Social and Solidarity Economy (Avise) publish the 2019 edition of their Methodological Guide dedicated to Garages Solidaires.

This guide allows all social garages to benefit from best practices, fruits of operational considerations and experts in solidarity economy.

It now includes environmental standards, the specificities of intervention on electric vehicles.


Advice on the economic models of social garages, the diversification of their activities and the interaction with their ecosystem enrich this new version.


Guide cover
Guide cover

La Fondation PSA et l’Avise accélèrent pour accompagner la création de nouveaux garages solidaires dans les territoires.

Communiqué de presse du 5 mars 2020