Back to school: Fondation PSA supports the creation of the first “electric vehicle repair” training program at the “Ecole de Production” ECAUT in Haute Savoie France

  • Trainning of young people in the tomorrow’s auto repair jobs
  • A first cohort of 12 students for a professional baccalaureate with electrical accreditation
  • ECAUT, a school in a rural area dedicated to the automobile

Press release Septembre 8,  2020

First cohort of 12 students at ECAUT
First cohort of 12 students at ECAUT


"LES ECOLES DE PRODUCTION": another way to learn a trade

"Les Ecoles de Production" offer young people, from the age of 15, an alternative solution to vocational high schools or apprenticeship training centers. These schools prepare young people for CAP and Bac Pro diplomas so that they can work in a profession they have chosen and love.

A network of 26 Schools offering training in 7 fields of activity

Their pedagogy: to do to learn.

Faced with the fact that 30% of young people leave the second professional year because they do not like school and that 100,000 young people leave high school each year without training, production schools present an innovative offer based on a disruptive approach: "doing to learn", in fact, students spend two thirds of their time in workshops, i.e. about 24 hours a week.

Schools are built around the workshops where courses are given by professionals in the trades called master-professionals.

Map of schools
Map of schools

A group, class, is composed of a maximum of 12 students for a master-professional. Students make orders for real customers under real market conditions: they do not work primarily for grades, but to satisfy customers. The relationship with the client implies a high level of demand and a sense of responsibility on the part of the young person.

Students learn not only "know-how" but also "life skills" and regain self-confidence.

This youth-friendly training has proved its effectiveness with a 93% success rate in CAP & BAC Pro exams and awards each year in the Best Apprentice of France, Olympiads of Trades, General Trades Competition. 45% of these young people even continue their studies.

The employability rate of these young people is 100% because they are trained in occupations that are under stress.

This alternative and innovative pedagogical method was recognized by the French Ministry of Education in Law 2018-771 "For the freedom to choose one's professional future" promulgated on September 5, 2018.

"Les Ecoles de Production" label guarantees the quality of the training and the respect of the 8 fundamentals that make the specificity of these Schools so unique.

In 2018, the project supported by Fondation PSA consists in working on a peripherical obstacle to employment: the mobility of young people. Fondation PSA has therefore decided to support "les Ecoles de production"  through three major actions:

  • raising awareness of road safety and mobility among more than 300 students,
  • financing the driving license (118 students engaged and 9 students have obtained their driving license)
  • finally purchasing 15 vehicles.

The objective of this project is:

"a young person, a diploma, a driving license, a job"