An invitation to discover ecomobility

Mobility plays a fundamental role in our daily lives and in the functioning of our societies. Today, there are several modes and services to help people and goods move. Many of them heavily weigh on economy and social life, but also on the environment and health. In 2015, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) announced that the transport sector was the largest emitter of greenhouse gases (28% of emissions are due to the transport sector, of which 91% more specifically to road modes1). This is why France Nature Environnement (FNE), which has been working on this theme for the past ten years, invites us to rethink our movements and encourages different and better mobility.

Partners since 2013, FNE and PSA Foundation are working together on issues related to mobility. In 2016, the two partners wished to continue their collaboration by developing support for teachers and educators, in order to promote sustainable mobility through education and awareness-raising activities for young people.

An educational tool to enhance good habits

This educational guide on ecomobility is designed to provide references and tools specifically adapted to the french educational expectations of Cycle 4 (5th, 4th and 3rd classes in the french system) in terms of sustainable development. It is part of the circular on the deployment of education for sustainable development in all schools2. It can be broadly used with a public of young people aged 12 to 15, at school or outside school. With a little imagination and adaptation, it is also possible to use this guide in sessions for an older audience: high school students and adults.

The tool consists of two parts, one theoretical and the other practical. The theoretical part presents the issues related to mobility in 10 thematic chapters, which each specify the learnings, the pedagogical and educational approaches, the associated tools and activities, as well as useful links and outlooks. The practical part offers several activities through practical sheets (experiences, sensory activities, games ...).

Available for free download on the website, this new educational guide aims at contributing to the awareness of the impact of our mobility on our environment and our health, explaining and promoting ecomobility, and encouraging the adoption of new mobility behaviors.

(1) ADEME :
(2) Order n° 2015-018 dated 2015-4-2 from Ministère de l'Education Nationale
"Guide pédagogique de la mobilité durable" (May 2018 - 150 pages)
"Guide pédagogique de la mobilité durable" (May 2018 - 150 pages)