Last June 21st, PSA Foundation and Avise invited all the social garages in France and main actors of their economic sector (public and private investors, insurers, local territory representatives …) to a conference and debate to emphasize the social utility of social garages.

Thanks to all the 80 attendees who contribute to the successful event!

The social garages repair and rent vehicles with subsidized fees to people in precarious situation sent by social services like Pôle emploi (ie job centers), social action centers, family allowance offices … They fight every day to get their freedom of movement back to people in needs.

Protecting mobility is an essential key to prevent exclusion.

PSA Foundation already supports more than half of social garages in France. Support from PSA Foundation can be financial to allow purchasing specific equipment or, training programs to identity and use “best practices”.

To go further, do not hesitate to discover the guide "Comment créer et développer un garage solidaire ?" (ie “How to create and develop a social garage ?”). It provides a first approach to project managers and leaders about steps from creation to development and analyses practices through practical examples.