The social garages that benefited from a grant from the PSA Foundation in 2016 were invited to share their questions, their experiences and to exchange with professionals in management consulting. On the agenda of this session, the morning focused on the communication aspects of garages: which communication channels and tools are adapted to the model of social garages? With which partners?

The afternoon was devoted to a creative workshop to invent the social garage of tomorrow. What innovative services can be offered in social garages? Which would be their economic models?

There were about twenty people around the table, strongly motivated by the willingness to promote their activity, to make it prosper for the sole purpose of serving the public with reduced mobility.
Thank you all for your coming from the 7 corners of France (yes, Corsica too!) And for your involvement which proves to us that this initiative is necessary.

2017 marks the end of a first stage, and the support will go on in 2018 to meet other challenges, particularly with the welcoming of the "new promotion" of garages supported by the PSA Foundation.

To be continued (again!) ...


A new step towards the professionalization of social garages!
A new step towards the professionalization of social garages!