On 15th of May 2018, Amel Association International (Amel) inaugurated the new project « Mobile Educational Unit – West Bekka », within Kamed el Loz center in Lebanon which is operated by Amel.

During its daily tours this bus which is equipped as a classroom delivers to 7 to 14 years old among the most vulnerable children, some educational activities (school support, literacy support, language training), a psychosocial support and some artistic activities.

This new project 2017 Mobility & Education-Culture PSA Foundation laureate takes place thanks to the support of PSA Foundation for buying the van, of the Baroudeurs de l’Espoir for the interior equipment and the financial support of the activities, and of the Enfants de la Méditerrannée for the decoration which is designed by Académie des Beaux-Arts young artist Lucciana Baradhi.

The Non-Governemental Organization (NGO) Amel Association International was created in 1979 by Dr. Kamel Mohanna and a group of professors, doctors and journalists in order to support lebanese residants who are affected by repeated humanitarian crisis. This organization is an independent non-profit and non-confessional organization and offers the most consistent actions in response to residants needs, throughout various programs : health centers, psychosocial support, protection support for women, children and elderly persons, educational actions, professional trainings, social and food security, etc.

Amel Association International was candidate to the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017.

Discover this Mobile Educational Unit presented by Lucas Wintrebert on this video :