After investing the Saint Ouen plant in 2016, this new exhibition takes place from the 22nd of March to April 21rst 2017 in the Poissy plant. Articulated around the three different themes; “Night and Day”, “Monsters and Heroes”, and “Tales of creation”, this exhibition is animated by a mediator during the “Cafés Louvre”, at lunchtime.

Yesterday, Xavier Chéreau, Head of Human Resources in the Group, Marie-Hélène Peugeot Roncoroni, Vice-President of the PSA Foundation and Bertrand Blaise, Communication director came to the plant to attend one of the firsts “Cafés Louvre”, accompanied by Jean-Pierre Briançon, Director of the site and of the Poissy employees.

“It is important for the PSA Foundation to showcase the actions it supports with its employees to reinforce their pride in belonging to the Group,” says Marie-Hélène Peugeot Roncoroni.

"The explanations provided by the mediator allow us to truly understand the exhibited artworks," says an employee.

Indeed, the exhibition has been designed to raise the employees’ curiosity and invite them to share a moment exchanging and debating upon timeless art pieces. Among these, two representations of a sunrise, one being the Stèle de la Dame Tapérèt (Dame Tapérèt’s Stone) from the 9th Century BC, the other one l’Aurore chassant la nuit (down chasing night) from Jean Baptiste de Champaigne (1668). A bond between the two artworks separated by thousands of years has been subtly explained by one of the Louvre’s mediator.

The Musée du Louvre invests the Poissy production site
The Musée du Louvre invests the Poissy production site

“The objective is to remove the obstacles to culture by showing that art is at everyone’s reach, and by opening the doors of this impressive museum that is the Louvre. This partnership with the Foundation allows us, through tailor-made arrangements, to meet people who are not accustomed to visiting the Museum,” adds Anne-Laure Beatrix, Director of the Museum’s external relations.

Following this exhibition at the heart of the site and within this partnership between the museum and the PSA Foundation, employees are invited to go to the exhibition of the Petite Galerie in Paris, accompanied by their families, to attend free guided tours on the weekends of the 22nd and 29th of April. This year again, the scheme proposed has attracted a large number of employees since the enrollments for these visits are already complete!

“Impressed by the number of employees already registered for these visits to the Louvre and the success of the exhibition at the heart of the factory, I congratulate all the teams who participated in the project.” Concludes Xavier Chéreau.