Methodological Guide of Social Garages Edition 2019
This new guide edition 2019 entitled "How to create and develop a social garage?" identifies the steps to follow to create a social garage. It also contains practical factsheets drawn from the field experiments (material conditions to be gathered to launch the project, conditions of safety and cleanliness of the workshop, tools ...)

The standards of safety and environmental protection, the specifics of intervention on electric vehicles are now included in the fact sheets.

This new version is enriched with advice on the economic models of social garages, the diversification of their activities and the interaction with their ecosystem. It allows all social garages to benefit from the best practices, fruits of operational considerations and experts in solidarity economy.
Methodological Guide of Social Garages Edition 2019: How to create and develop a social garage?
Methodological Guide of Social Garages Edition 2019: How to create and develop a social garage?

"Since 2011, the PSA Foundation has supported 87 garages for the benefit of the most vulnerable, more than half of the social garages registered in France. This new methodological guide is the result of the work done by 30 volunteer garages, laureates of the PSA Foundation. This work was carried out as part of the support program set up with the Avise (Engineering Agency to develop the Social and Solidarity Economy). We are very proud to have once again responded to the request of garage operators, especially for the purpose of their contribution to the ecological transition, "says Karine Hillaireau, General Delegate of the PSA Foundation.

Unique in France, this guide is available to everyone for free download from the PSA Foundation website and from the Avise website. It is supplemented by practical tools made available to solidarity garages by the PSA Foundation and the Avise: the directory and the interactive map of social garages as well as the measurement and communication tool for the social value of social garages.