Selected among the laureates of the Foundation's calls for projects, Grands Prix are exclusively awarded to projects sponsored by Group employees.

At the end of the Mobility & Social Inclusion 2018 call for projects, the Selection Committee, which met on April 10, decided to award the 2018 Grand Prix Mobility & Social Inclusion to Arca de Noe. This Brazilian association who presented a project making vocational guidance easier (bakery, hotel and sales) for young people over the age of 15 to enable them to enter the job market more quickly. An additional amount of 10,000 euros will thus allow this project to support even more beneficiaries.

The Selection Committee and the Foundation's team welcome the mobilization of their sponsor, Nelson Cro, who works in the Powertrain Design & Integration teams in São Paulo.

Nelson Cro said: " I've known Arca de Noe's wonderful projects since 2016, thanks to other colleagues already involved as sponsors. I have decided to get involved because, I know the importance of the project for the young people from la Favela de Vila Prudente. I'm planning to meet other contacts for the project and, I will carry on personally supporting the association in the future steps of the project! "

See you in September for the 2018 Mobility & Culture Grand Prix !

Arca de Noe, São Paulo, Brésil
Arca de Noe, São Paulo, Brésil