The Slovakian association won the Grand Prix International de la Fondation PSA in 2016 for its tailor-made assistance scheme for precarious people based on a warning system: a "guarantor" (social worker, association or foundation) identifies needs, and then the association looks for concrete material support (such as a bed, a washing machine, a refrigerator, childcare articles, school supplies, etc.) and channels it to the beneficiaries in great precariousness.

The project was carried out by Bibiána Borovková, employee of the PSA plant in Trnava and volunteer within the Oz Samaria association. She expresses herself on the matter: "I am very pleased and happy to be able to participate in this project. It is great that my employer supports a project that provides a better quality of life for people in precarious situations."

The vehicle, a Peugeot Partner funded by the Foundation's € 10,000 donation, will facilitate the association's approach towards the most needy people in the Trnava and Bratislava region.