At the initiative of the Departmental Delegation of Calvados, the tours of the arranged truck by the volunteers of local branches of the French Red Cross are planned on 6 cities in the most precarious and isolated areas of the region.

The goal is to reach people living in remote places, strengthen the social bond, listen to them, accompany and guide them, inform them and promote law access by helping them in their administrative procedures through computer access (laptop, printer, Wi-Fi key). Clothing and food aids are also offered according to the needs of the people.

Two cities are currently covered and served by the device once a month (in Trévières and Saintes-Marguerite d'Elle) representing a total of 1,700 inhabitants.

The activity, once set up, will subsequently be developed in the medium term on 4 new cities having expressed their interest in the project: Lison, Neuilly-la-Forêt and Le Molay-Littry. The tour will mainly help elderly people, particularly single-parent families with children under 15, and jobseekers.

In 2012, the French Red Cross and the PSA Foundation signed an unprecedented partnership in France to break the isolation of the most vulnerable. From this commitment came the "Red-Cross-on-Wheels" project, entirely conceived by the two structures and funded by the PSA Foundation, which renewed its support for the project in 2017 for a two-year period.

Bayeux enters the french "Red-Cross-on-Wheels" program!
Bayeux enters the french "Red-Cross-on-Wheels" program!