Carlos Tavares, Chairman of the Managing Board of Groupe PSA and President of the PSA Foundation, and Patrice Lucas, Director of the Latin America Region, met at the PSA Group headquarters in São Paulo with Brazilian and Argentinean employees. The two latter are sponsors of two projects awarded by the PSA Foundation, on the occasion of an exceptional award ceremony.

The 2 Latin American projects supported this year illustrate the Group's philanthropic line:
  • The Brazilian Association Pró-Excepcionais Kodomo-No-Sono, sponsored by Caio Ferreira in São Paulo, supports people with reduced mobility in their social integration.

  • The Argentinian Casa Rafael Foundation, sponsored by Christian Papazoglou in Buenos Aires, gives access to a musical culture to children in a precarious situation living in the "Barrio Chino" neighborhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires.


"Our Corporate Foundation aims to support the mobility needs of the most vulnerable because mobility is a fundamental right. Also, the mobility of the most vulnerable people is one of the collective challenges of our societies as it conditions personal and professional development. Many projects supported by the Foundation are sponsored by Group employees. Through Christian Papazoglou and Caio Ferreira who are the sponsors of the two projects that the Foundation rewards today, it is all of our employees engaged in volunteer work that I want to salute and encourage. " Concluded Carlos Tavares.