On 17 March, the French government took an unprecedented health measure to protect the population from the virus: containment.

Aware of the great difficulties that the most destitute people were going to encounter, FondationPSA reacted immediately. On March 27, it convened an extraordinary Board of Directors meeting which decided to immediately allocate all available 2020 resources to quickly and effectively support associations in the fight against the consequences of Covid- 19.

The 2020 calls for projects were therefore cancelled.  The funds allocated to them were paid to the "All United Against the Virus " alliance of the Fondation de France, the AP-HP and the Pasteur Institute.

To date, this exceptional donation has already made it possible to support :

  • The mobility of carers and caregivers towards the sick, particularly in the context of home help for the elderly or disabled (6 associations supported),
  • The transport of food, health and hygiene products for precarious and isolated people (15 associations supported),
  • Projects to maintain the mobility of the most fragile people in the territories (5 associations supported).
In 3 months, 26 "mobility" projects were financed by Fondation PSA
In 3 months, 26 "mobility" projects were financed by Fondation PSA