"Young mothers on the move" Mobility Credit

The CFPE Etablissements is a non-profit organization established in 1901 to help children in difficulty, to improve the conditions of child protection, and to support families.
Villa Jeanne, a maternal center located in Palaiseau, is one of the six establishments of the association. The center welcomes young single mothers on a daily basis who are part of an integration project for them and their children.

The school wishes to promote the economic and social integration of these young mothers through a multimodal mobility platform adapted to the transport of children and identified by the sponsor. The aim is to promote the autonomy of mothers by allowing them to use a flexible means of transport to ensure their administrative appointments, professional interviews, medical monitoring or outings for children.

Using a mobility credit mechanism with transport providers, the PSA Foundation will provide support by financing convertible mobility points in transport usage days.

The project aims to initially serve the center of the Villa Jeanne located in Palaiseau (Essonne) and then if successful could be deployed, the following year, in the other establishments of CFPE Etablissements (Ile-de-France).

CFPE Etablissements - Villa Jeanne