Mobility for Everyone

Created in 1970, the IME aims to develop the capacity of people with disabilities to be autonomous while respecting their individuality, in order to facilitate their integration into society. It offers socio-educational support, ranging from schooling to physical activities, care and professional training.
Currently, the IME Children's Pole offers 147 places to young people from 6 to 20 years old. 

The institute has developed a project started in 2015 to promote the mobility of its young beneficiaries, project divided into 3 stages:
- pass a pedestrian licence to encourage travel,
- pass the ASSR1 and 2 as well as the AM license to facilitate access to various activities (sports clubs, professional internships),
- and finally the purchase of a driving simulator to introduce young people with an intellectual disability to driving safely. The experience of the IME has demonstrated the relevance of a simulator to become familiar with all traffic conditions (night, fog, ice, heavy traffic). Indeed, in those difficult situations, people with intellectual disability need to receive a special training consisting of a lot of repetitions.

The financial support of the PSA Foundation will participate in the purchase of the driving simulator. The tool can be shared with other neighborhood associations.

Institut Médico-Educatif