Handicap in the city: the simple solution of the pusher bike

This project is designed by L'Orangerie for young adults with multiple disabilities located in the heart of the city of Aubervilliers (93). The goal is to offer outdoor recreation to young people thanks to an adapted, simple and flexible transportation mean: the pusher bike ("vélo-poussoir"). Even the most disabled can access this bike, because the system does not require any transfer of the person; the disabled person can be on the front of the bike effortlessly, staying in his/her own wheelchair whether it is electric or manual and keeping his/her equipment (if it is a molded shell for example).

This system requires less effort than to draw a Joëlette for example. The electric assistance also allows all the supervising staff to set up the activity.
The PSA Foundation grant will participate in the purchase of the wheelchair transporter tricycle.

With 19 facilities in Ile-de-France, Envoludia is an association of families allowing children with motor disabilities to grow up with valid children in day care and at school.
720 people are accompanied by the association.

Their rehabilitation is done on site with specialists in cerebral palsy trained by the association (unique device in France). For children who can not stay in an ordinary environment, the institutes in the city offer youngs and adults numerous and innovative solutions.

The Orangery is one of these 19 establishments.