AGORAé, solidarity groceries for students in need

FAGE is the largest student organisation in France. Founded in 1989, it gathers, almost 2000 associations, accounting for around 300 000 students.

FAGE carries out projets aiming at improving the living and studying conditions, in several areas :

  • Risk prevention and health promotion : addictions, road safety

  • Community : Sustainable development, culture, accessibility.

  • Solidarity : tackling student poverty with AGORAé.

AGORAés are solidarity groceries, allowing students in precarious situation to access a healthy and balanced diet, matching their budget, so that they can keep dedidate time for their studies, leasure and personal projects, by reducing forced employment. Since 2011, 15 AGORAé are spread across the country. FAGE intends to expand the project and reach a total of 30 AGORAés in 2020.

The support of the PSA Foundation will fund the purchase of 4 light commercial vehicles for 4 different AGORAé: priority given to Amiens, Nancy, Saint-Quentin en Yvelines et Cergy (or more sites, depending on planning).

Des épiceries solidaires pour les étudiants précaires