Summer Camp 2018

The main aim of this non-profit organization is to prevent the social exclusion of young people from the district of Aluche (Latin District of Madrid) and to facilitate their social integration through work, group experience and healthy leisure activites. The association offers 2 sundays a month activities between October and June.

The association plans 2 large events in 2018 for the underprivileged children of its district of Madrid: on the one hand the participation in the parade of floats of the "Cavalcade of the Kings" in Madrid and on the other hand the organization of a 2 weeks summer camp to learn to respect others and the environment, work as a team and promote the integration of different social groups.

The PSA Foundation grant will contribute to the cost of transporting children by bus to the summer camp, renting a truck for the making of the tank and purchasing metro and bus tickets for the children to go to outdoor activities throughout the year.

Asociación Junior Yedra