Rugby try for girls

Rebonds! uses rugby as a tool for education and social integration of young people in difficulty in the Occitania Region. The association realized in September 2008 that despite a similar attraction for the practice, girls have more difficulties than boys to integrate a club (cultural brakes, clubs structures...). At the beginning of September 2008, there was only one girl playing in a club. Rebonds! therefore wanted to restore a balance by setting up a suitable project.

The association has then created a dedicated structure to facilitate the integration of young underprivileged girls and their families through the rugby practice.
Created in 2009, the "Rugby Try for Girls" project aims to promote the education and the insertion of the girls from popular districts by integrating them in a rugby club and by setting up an individualized transport system. Initially launched in Toulouse neighborhoods with the support of the PSA Foundation in 2016, the project is developing in two new nearby areas: the Gers and Ariège, on Auch and Pamiers.

The encouraging results of the program lead the PSA Foundation to renew its support in 2017 to allow the association to spread around: in 2016, 368 girls, including 273 from schools in the Priority Education Network, participated in at least one session in the Toulouse neighborhoods; 27 girls and their families were accompanied in their life course in the year; there were 292 participants in the women's rugby tournament held in April 2017.

The grant will contribute to the purchase of a new 9-seater Peugeot minibus for the development of the project in the Gers and Ariège, for the association is organizing sessions 3 times a week on different sites and transporting girls from their schools to field and back home at the end of the training sessions.

Association Rebonds!