Music everywhere and for everyone

The Casa Rafael Foundation provides free access to culture (shows, workshops to discover various artistic disciplines) to children aged from 4 to 19 from the popular districts of Buenos Aires.

It also provides free psycho-social support with the daily field presence of psychologists and social workers.
Since 2007, the association has been giving access to a musical culture to vulnerable children in precarious situations living in the "Barrio Chino" district of La Boca in Buenos Aires. This part of the neighborhood is characterized by unhealthy housing and a population composed mainly of immigrants from the poorest regions of Argentina and neighboring countries.

Children and teenagers suffer from the frequent deterioration of emotional ties due to separation and uprooting, in addition to precariousness and promiscuity. They are exposed to drugs, the conflict between law and crime, dropping out of school, informal work from childhood, exploitation, teenage motherhood / paternity and various other situations that disturb or hinder their development.

In order to broaden their horizons, children attend concerts, learn to play an instrument and perform at concerts in several places in the city.

The support of the PSA Foundation will allow Casa Rafael to continue its actions through the employment of 2 piano teachers for a year.

Casa Rafael