Meeting China’s road safety challenges

The All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF) was founded in 1949 with a mandate to protect women and children.
It is a large organisation that works to unite Chinese families across communities and ethnic groups and produce educational materials to foster gender equality.

Its first project, entitled “Green Life, Low Emissions”, aimed to cut the number of young people killed on China’s roads (18,500 children die in road traffic accidents each year).

The project, launched in 2011, has spawned a series of partnerships between ACWF and the PSA Foundation, focusing on road safety and sustainable mobility education for children aged 3-9.

This awareness-raising drive is necessary because the car industry is booming in China and people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of child safety and air quality. Groupe PSA, which also places importance on these issues, has therefore agreed to support ACWF in its endeavours.

The ACWF-PSA Foundation partnership aims to raise awareness of road safety among children and their parents and to teach them important road safety skills. The programme, entitled “Children’s Traffic Safety Education” will chiefly involve helping families develop safe, clean travel habits and reduce road traffic accidents. The campaign is receiving widespread coverage in the press and media, sparking public interest and getting people to think about ways to make children safer on and around roads. It has been a great success to date, and the ultimate aim is to encourage the government to pass a new law in 2019.

Run each year from 2011 till 2017, it has on the late year reached 600,000 Chinese families through a series of campaigns at nurseries and primary schools in medium-sized cities such as Changchun, Changsha and Kunming, as well as remote and disadvantaged regions. The programme also uses online platforms like WeChat and launched its own website to bolster the campaign. Overall, including children attending in-person sessions and those using online channels, the programme reached more than 2 million children each year.


About the All-China Women’s Federation…

The “Green Life, Low Emissions” programme is an initiative of the Organizing Committee of the National Community Care Campaign, founded in 1994, and is part of one of its seven major sub-programmes – The Children Care.
In 2014, the Children Care Organizing Committee launched a nationwide campaign, entitled “Children’s Traffic Safety Education”, in an effort to cut the number of child deaths and injuries on China’s roads, using classroom sessions, free educational materials, and instructive online games to raise greater awareness among children.

All-China Women's Federation (ACWF)