Let's move with Dunes d'espoir

Dunes d'espoir is an association that aims to promote the integration of disabled people through their participation in sports events in a Joelette*, french product that Dunes d'Espoir regularly contributes to improve.

All people with disabilities can benefit from the help of the association, and all race lovers have the opportunity to participate. The effort of solidarity in the surpassing of oneself makes it possible to apprehend life differently and to imagine new mobility horizons.

The association has antennas throughout the entire France.
The project aims to enable more people with disabilities to participate in events in Joëlette through the purchase of equipment and the organization of weekends in France.
The PSA Foundation grant will participate in these investments.

* The invention of Joëlette in 1988 is the one of a mountain guide, Joel Claudel, who wanted to continue to go for walks with Stéphane, his nephew with myopathy. This transport device has only one wheel, which allows it to sneak into even the narrowest trails. The seat, adapted according to the handicap, is placed above the wheel. Front and rear stretchers allow the machine to be rolled and carried if necessary.

Dunes d'espoir