The Défi Joëlette Team in mountains

The association, based in Normandy and committed in the entire country aims to allow disabled people to participate in pedestrian races among valid people thanks to the Joëlettes* system.

Every year, around 20 challenges are taken with adults as well as children with disabilities during road races or in the forest. The sports environment facilitates the exchanges between people and the integration of people who are disabled or sick.

The project is to acquire a new generation Joëlette, adapted for the outings on hilly and mountainous grounds, thus opening other horizons today inaccessible to disabled passengers while ensuring them a maximum of comfort and security. This year's Joëlette Challenge would be to rise to the heights of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region.
The PSA Foundation will help finance a new generation Joëlette and its accessories.

* The invention of Joëlette in 1988 is the one of a mountain guide, Joël Claudel, who wanted to continue to go for walks with Stéphane, his nephew with myopathy. This transport device has only one wheel, which allows it to sneak into even the narrowest trails. The seat, adapted according to the handicap, is placed above the wheel. Front and rear stretchers allow the machine to be rolled and carried if necessary.

Equipe Défi Joëlette