Equipment for Social Garage of Gerzat

The association Secours-Auto 63 aims to enable people who are disadvantaged or in difficulty with social or professional integration:

- to maintain or buy their car at a lower cost;

- to promote the development of their skills in order to gain access to employment in the automotive mechanics activities.

The project consists in the creation of a social garage in Gerzat to:

- enable the maintenance and safety of the fleet at reduced costs for the beneficiaries;

- offer used vehicles at reduced prices from donations and brought back into conformity (vehicles delivered with car registration document, technical inspection and registration plate, 3 month guarantee);

- promoting mobility for persons in difficulty in order to increase their potential for return to employment;

- to be an integration company in collaboration with the job center.

The PSA Foundation will finance the purchase of repair equipment for this new garage.

Secours-Auto 63