Street food for residents with low incomes

The purpose of this association is to enable the professional integration of excluded women and to promote the development of microenterprises in the area of street food. This integration project is in the 14th district of Paris, on the site of Grands Voisins.

In an area where residents have low incomes, it provides the opportunity to buy healthy food economically in a friendly environment.

Secondly, it puts in place structural support for the creation and consolidation of small street food activities, through cooperative ventures and the electric tricycle for mobility.

The organisation is seeking to create an integration project for professionally excluded women. The women in question will be trained to create small street food businesses. They will then be provided with a delivery tricycle to sell their products in front of offices in major business areas.

In the long term, a socially-responsible franchise model will be built, enabling the pooling of resources (accounting, communication, quality) and the rollout of services for the businesswomen, including supplementary health insurance and childcare services. The Foundation is financing the engineering of the project and the production of a tricycle prototype to develop street food business.