No-licence car

The purpose of the “Mobilité en toute sécurité” (mobility in complete safety) trial in Montbéliard and Besançon is to enable mentally-handicapped people to travel around safely using a no-licence car. The aim is to provide no-licence vehicles to the two driving schools working with Roue de Secours so that they can assess the driving capacities of beneficiaries prior to purchase. This action will follow a study by a mobility correspondent and could also enable people already owning a no-licence car to follow this special training in order to improve their on-road behaviour and driving.

The project is thereby pursuing several objectives:

  • prevent discrimination by enabling disabled people to get around like everybody else,
  • remove a major obstacle to employment,
  • promote social inclusion,
  • prevent road risk,
  • reduce the number of claims concerning this type of vehicle.