A new Mobil’douche mobile shower initiative

The organisation was founded in 2009 based on repeated observations of hygiene issues on the street and a lack of fixed shower facilities to meet these needs.

That said, keeping clean enables people to keep their dignity, regain their self-confidence and to find or keep a job, and often establishes the virtuous circle of taking better care of yourself, having self-respect and reaching out more to others. With this project, the organisation is looking to supplement its mobile system in Île de France.

Mobil’douches are camper vans equipped with showers, so that beneficiaries (including disabled people in wheelchairs) can go inside and take a shower.

Shower tours are currently organised with two Mobil’douches in Île de France, primarily in the south and inner suburbs of Paris (Vanves, Issy-Les-Moulineaux, Vincennes, Montrouge, etc.) and a Mobil’douche in Avignon.