Helping people access food aid

The project supported by the Foundation consists in improving the physical, social and professional mobility of people in precarious situations and/or distanced from the working world. The people in question benefit from the network of ANDES, a French organisation that runs social grocery shops. Without mobility, these individuals would not be able to access the support provided by the organisation.

The project aims to do two things:

  • First, roll out a social transport project in the ANDES shop network. The objective is to enable people in precarious circumstances and with mobility problems to benefit from the food aid and socialisation and integration initiatives offered by the social grocery shops. As part of a call for projects for the grocery network, the Foundation will donate three vehicles to the shops in 2013 so that they can implement a system of social transport on request.
  • Second, foster physical mobility and long-term access to employment for employees concerned by ANDES’ professional integration project, “La Grande Maison”, based in Normandy. The initiative includes a market garden activity that supplies fruit and vegetables to the food aid structures of ANDES. The Foundation provided five scooters for employees in integration programmes to help them travel to the project base and carry out their job searches.