Go out and get your driving licence!

The Mission Locale de Belfort, though its section exclusively devoted to young people on integration programmes, aims to offer young people on integration programmes financial assistance to pass their driving test, as of July 2017.

The project gives young people centre stage and makes them a stakeholder in their autonomy - personalised financial assistance is granted by the young person's assigned advisor and/or their instructor, in accordance with the work experience that they have done. These short experiences (internships, placements, etc.) of one to 4 weeks enable young people to gain an insight into the world of work, acquire expertise and social skills (adaptability, availability, initiative taking, etc.) and to create a network.

This in-company experience, evidenced by an attendance certificate from the employer submitted to the young person's assigned advisor, triggers entitlement to 500 euros financial assistance per person, which can be freed up in several stages, to fund a driving test, the BSR (Road Safety Certificate) test, or to buy a vehicle (scooter or car).