Food - bringing people together

Portugal hosts over 1,200 refugees from the Middle East and this project is one of the first long-term solutions designed to integrate these refugees (primarily women, young adults and students) into Portuguese society.

The aim of the "Pão a Pão" initiative is to truly integrate Middle Eastern refugees into host communities in Portugal by breaking down social and cultural barriers and getting them ready to find work. To create links between the cultures and people, the organisation offers a local, viable and replicable solution, based on the fundamental element shared by all cultures that is food.

The project involves developing a restaurant model, called Mezze, producing and selling Arabic dishes, alongside gastronomy, music, writing and dance workshops to raise the status of Arabic culture.

The whole project will be implemented and led by refugees. Lisbon is the pilot project. The organisation will then self-fund with the revenue from the restaurant and workshops which will be held throughout the country.

Pão a Pão