Donating vehicles to private individuals

The "Les Autos du Coeur" organisation works on requests from social workers, who inform it of the vehicle needs of their beneficiaries. The requests concern short- and long-term job seekers, people receiving RSA welfare benefit, employees in need of a helping hand, and young people having recently obtained their driving licence who are looking for a vehicle so as to be fully mobile in their professional integration process.

The organisation is requesting financial assistance to acquire a nine-seater vehicle to transport volunteers to vehicle pick-up points. "Les Autos du Coeur" operates on the basis of donations from private individuals, town halls, public institutions and businesses, which donate their vehicles.

Some 70 volunteers help out the organisation across France by collecting vehicles on site and handing over the keys to the new owner in exchange for an average payment of €1,250.

Les Autos du cœur