The Louvre Petite Galerie: bringing culture to everyone

The Louvre Petite Galerie is a brand-new exhibition space in the heart of the museum, opened in October 2015 to give everyone a new way to explore art.

The gallery hosts innovative exhibitions that change every nine months, bringing seasoned art appreciators and newcomers alike an opportunity to experience art forms such as cinema, dance, theatre and comic that are not normally on display at the museum.

The Petite Galerie offers a packed, multi-disciplinary programme, with on-site exhibitions and displays, as well as a calendar of travelling reproductions, bringing the Louvre to new audiences in far-flung locations.

The PSA Foundation has backed the Petite Galerie’s exhibitions right from the start. In 2017, it has once again lending its support as the sponsor of the museum’s.

The Petite Galerie – a permanent, unique multi-disciplinary space devoted to art and culture education – appealed to the PSA Foundation on the strength of its diverse exhibitions deliberately targeted at a broad audience, including schoolchildren, and its commitment to bringing travelling exhibitions to businesses, hospitals, schools and social centres.

The Louvre goes off-site – and even into factories

As part of this new partnership,Groupe PSA employees have had a chance to experience top-drawer cultural content and otherwise inaccessible works of art in the workplace – places where art rarely makes an appearance.

Come and discover, until July 5, 2021, the last exhibition entitled "Advent of Artist" which will accompany the cycle of exhibitions that the museum devotes in 2019-2020 to the Renaissance geniuses: Vinci, Donatello, Michel Ange or Altdorfer.


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