FNE: shaping the future of mobility

Mobility spans economic, social and environmental concerns.

We need to come up with new ways of getting around, and find the right place for the car in the mobility of tomorrow.

France Nature Environnement (FNE) and the PSA Foundation have been working together on precisely this issue – shaping the future of mobility – for many years now.

FNE’s initiative is a continuation of the organisation’s partnership with the Foundation, which began back in 2013, with the “Mobility for tomorrow: finding a way out of the economic, environmental and social crisis” project, and involvement, alongside Mobivia and Keolis, in the steering group entitled “thinking about the car’s role in the future of mobility”.

These topics informed a nationwide debate around sustainable mobility, looking at issues such as the role of the car and multi-modal transport. A practical guide was also produced on the basis of this work, to give people key insights into these questions. The project came to an end in February 2015, when the communication materials were finalised and distributed. The PSA Foundation and FNE also worked together on preparations for the COP 21 climate conference in Paris, in 2015.

FNE has turned to the Foundation for support once again, this time for a new project on “eco-mobility”, focusing on how people meet their travel needs by switching to lower-emissions and cleaner forms of transport (walking, cycling, car-sharing, public transport, etc.). FNE will produce a series of educational and awareness-raising materials for secondary school and sixth-form students by 2018, and will also work on joint campaigns with local authorities, including leaflets, recommendations and lectures.

Website: www.fne.asso.fr