FAGE is the largest student organisation in France. Founded in 1989, it gathers, almost 2000 associations, accounting for around 300 000 students.

FAGE carries out projets aiming at improving the living and studying conditions, in several areas :

  • Risk prevention and health promotion : addictions, road safety

  • Community : Sustainable development, culture, accessibility.

  • Solidarity : tackling student poverty with AGORAé.


AGORAés are solidarity groceries, allowing students in precarious situation to access a healthy and balanced diet, matching their budget, so that they can keep dedidate time for their studies, leasure and personal projects, by reducing forced employment. 

Since 2013, Fondation PSA has supported AGORAé by providing them the funds to buy the vehicles need for the collection and delvering of food.
Before the COVID-19 health crisis, 20% of students lived below the poverty line and 65% of students reported regularly jumping a meal because of lack of resources. Nearly 1/3 of the students reported that they were engaged in a paid activity to support themselves. With the health crisis, these students find themselves without resources.


With this new donation, 20 out of 24 AGORAé have now received support from Fondation PSA: Nice, Lille, Brest, Lyon, Strasbourg, Saint-Etienne, Caen, Valenciennes, Grenoble, Orsay, Nancy, Reims, Paris Aix-en-Provence, Créteil, Metz, Clermont Ferrand. 

An AGORAé with a vehicle can deliver nearly 5 times more goods than an AGORAé without a vehicle. 

130,000 kg of food can now be distributed to more than 11,000 beneficiaries. 


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