West Bekaa Educational Mobile Unit

Amel Association International is a Lebanese non-confessional, non-governmental organisation. For over 35 years, Amel has been active through 24 centres and six mobile clinics in the most deprived regions of Lebanon, Beirut and its southern suburb via Mount Lebanon and the Bekaa plateau (eastern Lebanon) to southern Lebanon. It provides medical and psychosocial services, along with activities in vocational training, education, rural development, child protection and the promotion of human rights.

The project aims to create mobile, secure areas for children in order to provide them with psychosocial and educational support close to their homes. The first phase of the project is to create a “Mobile Educational Unit”. A vehicle will be fitted out with a welcoming interior for psychological and social consultations. It will also be equipped with educational materials and games, as well as tables and benches. The second phase of the project will be to assess educational needs in each camp and informal living area. In this way, the Mobile Unit will visit targeted camps several times a week in order to organise personalised activities: learning support, literacy, preparing children of between 3 and 6 for school.

Recreational activities will be organised on a monthly basis with Lebanese and Syrian artists and associations. Last, children and their families will have access to psychosocial support and awareness-raising initiatives in the areas of child protection, hygiene, bullying, child marriage, etc. These activities will be organised in the vehicle and nearby.

Amel Association International