National network of Mobility-Adapted Workshops

The CEREMH is eager to create a national network for information, advice and mobility training for disabled people. The objectives are:

  • to make these mobility solutions known to the disabled and to train the disabled to use them,
  • to sensitize communities and social funders about the need to support a policy that promotes access to mobility for these audiences.

In 2014 will be launched:

  • Two platforms (at the Vélizy CEREMH and the Charles Foix Hospital).
  • A regional platform linked to a local partner (FARE)
  • Partnerships to organize 20 workshops on sites (hospitals, reeducation centers, ADAL, SIEL Bleu ...)

The platforms and workshops will then be spread out in the following years.

Accessibility of public transit will not be enough to address the mobility issues of the disabled. New forms of mobility (carsharing, carpooling, self-service cycles ...) are not designed for these people. Demographic change reinforces the need to promote mobility autonomy especially in order to lighten the burden of public funding for home care and assistance.