MuMo travelling museum gets children into art

L'Art à l'Enfance launched a mobile museum, MuMo, in 2010 to take art out to children across France, Africa and the world. The project, supported by the Foundation from the start, was born from the conviction that art encourages openness and sharing, bringing down borders and transforming our world view.

After a 10,000-km tour from northern France to Côte d’Ivoire via Cameroon from October 2011 to July 2012, MuMo headed out on a new journey around France from September 2012 to January 2013. The travelling museum takes the shape of a container, easily transported by sea and loaded on to a truck.

When it reaches its destination it transforms into a museum, with four separate exhibition spaces presenting a range of artistic expression to children, from painting and sculpture to installations, video and design.

MuMo stimulates the artistic sensibilities and imagination of children through specially created works. The current show features pieces from 15 world-renowned artists exploring the idea of “Living Together”.

“MuMo is the first museum on wheels designed to bring contemporary art to children in places where it is not otherwise accessible. MuMo stops off in everyday venues including school playgrounds and leisure centres. The idea was born from the conviction that art encourages openness and sharing,” says project initiator Ingrid Brochard. The MuMo features works from world-famous artists including Daniel Buren, James Turrell and Huang Yong Ping.

L’art à l’enfance