Creating a conductive education school

The organisation was founded in early 2015 by the parents of a little girl who contracted cerebral palsy following an operation. After researching care solutions for their daughter, the parents found out about conductive education schools.

These schools break down and repeat gestures to anchor everyday actions in the memories of children to help them develop their autonomy.

With a focus on simple learning processes, the children handle objects such as wooden ladders and stepladders. To circumvent the disability, learning is based on non-affected areas of the brain.

The organisation is seeking to open a conductive education school in September 2016.

For now, no such structure exists in eastern France. The school will welcome all year round five to six children with cerebral palsy via special two-week courses.

The organisation will also be a place of dialogue for parents. With the prize, the organisation will purchase a minibus used to take the children to activities in the surrounding area.