To mark COP25, Fondation PSA and Duramen have signed a partnership agreement to promote workforce inclusion in the forestry industry

  • The project, aimed at achieving inclusion through forestry work, covers a group of 25 hectares of tree plantings in France’s Centre-Val de Loire region.
  • Employees accepted into the program will acquire new jobs skills in fields related to environmental protection, including tree planting, sustainable forest management and adaptation to climate change.

Press release December 11, 2019.

Bernadette Vallée, Chair of Duramen et Karine Hillaireau General Delegate of Fondation PSA
Bernadette Vallée, Chair of Duramen et Karine Hillaireau General Delegate of Fondation PSA




Founded in 2015, the Duramen association (MEcéNat for sustainable forest management) provides financial support for afforestation/reforestation projects or other silvicultural works that bring environmental added value to the forest in the Centre-Val-de-Loire region. These projects thus make it possible to fight against climate change linked to the greenhouse effect.

The forest ecosystem is an environmental issue of general interest. Forests help to combat global warming, improve air and water quality, prevent soil erosion and protect biodiversity. However, 74% of French forests belong to private forest owners (source IGN) who do not always have the financial means and skills to maintain this heritage.

Forestry jobs, on the other hand, are rural jobs, very little open to professional integration because of their technical nature and the obligation for workers to be mobile.


It is from this observation that the project "professional integration in forestry professions" was born, supported by the PSA Foundation in partnership with Duramen. The challenge is to open up the occupational integration sector to forestry in the Centre-Val de Loire region, i.e. 25 hectares of private forests. Workers in integration will follow the support and training programme offered by SIAEs (Structures for integration through economic activity).

From 2020, the SIAE, ADS 45, in Sully sur Loire (45) will work in Neuvy-en-Sullias for preparatory work for the plantations and in Saint-Viâtre for planting and maintenance work.

Map of the project's forest sites
Map of the project's forest sites