Carlos Tavares

Chairman of the Managing Board of Groupe PSA and President of Fondation PSA

Carlos Tavares held a number of different positions with Renault Group from 1981 to 2004 before joining Nissan. After serving as President of Nissan North America, he was named Group Chief Operating Officer of Renault in 2011, a post he held until 2013.

He joined the Managing Board of Groupe PSA on January 1st 2014 and was appointed Chairman of the Managing Board on March 31st.

Marie-Hélène Peugeot Roncoroni

Vice President of Fondation PSA, member of Groupe PSA Supervisory Board since 1999

Marie-Hélène Peugeot Roncoroni began her career in an international audit firm before holding positions in corporate finance, industrial relations and human resources within Groupe PSA.

She is director and Vice-Chairman of FFP, director and Chief Operating Officer of Etablissements Peugeot Frères, director of SAPAR, Assurances Mutuelles de France, ESSO SAF, LISI and Institut Diderot.

Bertrand Blaise

Executive Senior Vice President, Groupe PSA Corporate Communications

Bertrand Blaise held a variety of positions in communications at Renault between 1990 and 2007 and spent four years in Japan within the Renault-Nissan alliance.

He joined Alstom in 2007, first in the rail division, before being appointed Vice President, International Communications. On November 1st 2014 he was appointed Executive VP, Corporate Communications of Groupe PSA.

Xavier Chéreau

Executive Senior Vice President, Groupe PSA Human Ressources

Xavier Chéreau joined Groupe PSA in 1994. He held various operational functions covering all human resources activities: employment, human resources development and industrial relations. His responsibilities have included human resources and industrial relations at the Poissy and Trémery industrial sites.

Between 2003 and 2006 he served as group head of CSR, driving the company’s diversity and gender equality policies and spearheading the global CSR framework agreement.

Hugues Dufour

Hugues Dufour joined Groupe PSA in 1977, first as head of dealer relations for Citroën brand.

After several years in Groupe PSA Finance Division, he joined the Communications Department as head of press relations until Fondation PSA was created in 2011.

He then became Delegate General of Fondation PSA, a role he served in until January 2014. He is now retired.

Marc Friedel

Marc Friedel is a graduate of the École Normale Supérieure and Sciences Po, Paris. He served as CEO of Berger-Levrault, which is listed on the Paris stock exchange.

He was a member of the Supervisory Board of Groupe PSA since 1996 and of the Financial and Audit Committee.

Since 2005, he has worked with various NGOs in France and abroad, focusing on health and education.

Christian Lafaye

Secretary of Groupe PSA European Liaison Committee

Christian Lafaye is an employee of Groupe PSA since 1976, after having worked for FIAT Group.

He held several offices in the Works Council, covering the following functions: staff representative on Sept-Fons site during 41 years, assistant secretary of the joint consultative comittee of Sept-Fons during 18 years, secretary of the joint consultative comittee of Sept-Fons during 20 years and central union representative over the last decade.

He contributes to the Board with his knowledge of the business of Groupe PSA, the automotive industry and the social authorities.

Linda Jackson

Executive Senior Vice President, Citroën Brand

Linda Jackson holds an MBA from the University of Warwick. She held various positions in Finance and Sales at MG Rover Europe between 1977 and 2004.

She joined Citroën in 2005 where she was the Finance Director of Citroën UK. In 2009 she became Finance Director of Citroën France.

From July 2010 to May 2014, she was Managing Director of Citroën UK and Ireland. On June 1st 2014, she was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Citroën brand.

Carla Gohin

Vice President, Groupe PSA Innovation

Carla Gohin began her career in Groupe PSA in 1999 as an economic optimization pilot.

After having evolved in the design and development of adaptations of powertrains, she took over the technical secretariat of the group's Research and Development department and was appointed in 2014 as executive secretary of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Carlos Tavares.

Since February 1st 2016, Carla Gohin has been heading Groupe PSA Research, Innovation and Advanced Technologies department.